About Mechelen, the town where i live

My second blog in English, so i just better get started.
We don’t have may English talking/writing people here in Belgium so i tought it would be a nice idea to post some pictures from Mechelen, the town where i live.

I live near to this monument “the Brusselpoort”, it’s an old entance to the town. Years ago the whole town was build between wall’s and this was one of the entrances people had to pass to get into town. The town-hall in the center of the town. In front of this building we have the marketplace where we have our festival “Maanrock” in august

The Sint Rombouts-Cathedral and the building of the Post office at the right.

We also have nice green gardens in the center of the town, places to visit.

Places to sit and have a drink at the water.

If you want to vist Mechelen, take a look at the official website  www.mechelen.be