Mannequins and paintings

Mensen die mijn blogs regelmatig tegenkomen zullen het al gemerkt hebben, ik ben wel met verschillende zaken bezig. Ik ben etaleur van beroep, verhuur en verkoop etalagepoppen en daarnaast maak ik ook nog wat muziek en sinds kort ben ik ook beginnen schilderen. Toon misschien allemaal veel en vooral chaotisch maar een creatief beroep heeft nu eenmaal geen grenzen. Of ik nu een etalage etaleer of een schilderij maak, beide handelingen vereisen creativiteit en inzicht in compositie.
Dus is het voor mij niet echt een afzonderlijk iets waar ik mee bezig ben maar het ene vult gewoon het andere aan.
Om die reden heb ik dus ook de inkomhal van mijn toonzaal met etalagepoppen omgetoverd tot permanente galerij voor het tentoonstellen van mijn schilderijen. Je kan ze ze dus vanaf nu ook komen bekijken tijdens de vaste openingsuren van mijn toonzaal met etalagepoppen.

People who read my blogs frequently will have noticed that i combine different things in life. I’m a professional window dresser and that what i’ve been doing for  more that 34 years, and recently i added a new service, selling and renting mannequins. That i’ve been doing for more tha 6 years now. And recently i started painting in acrylic paint on canvas. Maybe this looks like many different things going on but for me it”s all about being creative.
So i combined both and i use the hall to my showroom with mannequins as a permanent gallery for my paintings. People are free to pop buy an d sse the collection of paintings i that are on display.
Feel free to come and visit my collection art or mannequins.

Geerdegemvaart 22
2800 Mechelen
Maandag en vrijdag van 10-12 en 14-17 uur
Monday and friday from 10-12 am and 2-5 pm
Mijn website, My website


About those who dream by day

Long time ago i saw this text on a puzzle.

I bought the puzzle and it took me all night to assemble it, the puzzle had 3000 peaces, so that’s a lot of work.
Today the puzzle is hanging in the cellar against te wall, not a nice place to be, but i don’t think it’s so important where it is, it’s the tought that counts.

I think i was 18 years old when i bought that puzzle, and more than 30 years later i still know the text. Maybe because it’s so special.

I think that it’s important to keep on dreaming in life, and as the text says, not only at night but also when we are awake.  Maybe more people should try to do so and life would be so much more fun.

But, maybe i’m just dreaming …

About Mechelen, the town where i live

My second blog in English, so i just better get started.
We don’t have may English talking/writing people here in Belgium so i tought it would be a nice idea to post some pictures from Mechelen, the town where i live.

I live near to this monument “the Brusselpoort”, it’s an old entance to the town. Years ago the whole town was build between wall’s and this was one of the entrances people had to pass to get into town. The town-hall in the center of the town. In front of this building we have the marketplace where we have our festival “Maanrock” in august

The Sint Rombouts-Cathedral and the building of the Post office at the right.

We also have nice green gardens in the center of the town, places to visit.

Places to sit and have a drink at the water.

If you want to vist Mechelen, take a look at the official website

My blog in English … the beginning

So, after writing blogs in Flemish i decided to write some blogs in English, or something that’s supposed to be English.

Some of my facebookfriends could not understand one word of what i wrote in my previous blogs so i decided to post some English ones between the Flemish blogs. If you want to see all my English blogs in the future you just need to go to “categories” and choose English blogs … that’s easy 😉

I’m not writing anything special in my blogs, but it’s fun to sit down and make my own article and post it to the world, or to who would like to read it.
Most of my blogs will be about daily things that happened in my country, or will be about music and things that interest me. So just stay tuned to my blog and i hope to see you often.

Please leave a comment if you feel like it.