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Mannequins and paintings

Mensen die mijn blogs regelmatig tegenkomen zullen het al gemerkt hebben, ik ben wel met verschillende zaken bezig. Ik ben etaleur van beroep, verhuur en verkoop etalagepoppen en daarnaast maak ik ook nog… Lees verder

About those who dream by day

Long time ago i saw this text on a puzzle. I bought the puzzle and it took me all night to assemble it, the puzzle had 3000 peaces, so that’s a lot of… Lees verder

About Mechelen, the town where i live

My second blog in English, so i just better get started. We don’t have may English talking/writing people here in Belgium so i tought it would be a nice idea to post some… Lees verder

My blog in English … the beginning

So, after writing blogs in Flemish i decided to write some blogs in English, or something that’s supposed to be English. Some of my facebookfriends could not understand one word of what i… Lees verder